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We at Big Blue Fiji would like to reassure all upcoming and future guests that we are putting a number of measures in place to ensure your time on board is both a fun and safe experience. The comfort, safety, and health of our guests and crew are always our top priority, and even more so now with the risks around COVID-19.

Being on a yacht in the middle of the ocean is arguably the safest way to travel during these uncertain times and we want to encourage more people to choose this option of travel whilst in Fiji. Whilst on board you have exclusive use of the vessel and only have contact with the four crew. From the moment you step on board to when you leave us, you will not have contact with anyone outside of our “on-board bubble”.

To reassure guests further, we are supplementing our already rigorous pre and post charter cleaning routines with increased sanitisation of all areas of the vessel to ensure there is no risk of germs being spread between charter guests. All of our onboard snorkelling and diving gear will also be specially cleaned before and after each charter to ensure the highest level of sanitisation.

We will be limiting island activities to avoid contact with people outside of our “on-board bubble”. This is to ensure the safety of both our guests and crew, but also the safety of the Fijian population.

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