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Since the declaration of COVID19 as a global pandemic, Fiji has made health and safety its top priority. Due to the country’s quick and effective response to COVID19, and the swift uptake on vaccines, Fiji has managed to control the virus so tourism can resume once again from 1st December 2021.

Now, with the introduction of the careFIJI Commitment program, you can be assured that Fiji is a safe destination to enjoy on your next visit to the islands.

We at Big Blue Fiji would like to reassure all upcoming and future guests that we have put a number of measures in place to ensure your time on board is both a fun and safe experience. The comfort, safety, and health of our guests and crew are always our top priority. As part of our commitment to a safer way to travel, we are now a certified careFIJI commitment program. The careFIJI commitment program is our assurance that Fiji is ready to welcome you back to our shores through the implementation of best-practice COVID19 control policies and protocols. It is our commitment developed in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) so that you can have a relaxing and safe holiday in Fiji. As well as being careFIJI certified, all crew are 100% fully vaccinated.

Being on a private yacht in the middle of the ocean is arguably the safest way to travel in a post COVID world, and we want to encourage more people to choose this option of travel whilst in Fiji. Whilst on board you have exclusive use of the vessel and only have contact with our crew or approved careFIJI commitment businesses.

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COVID19 Booking Information
Safe Travels Stamp

Big Blue Fiji has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides you with the assurance that we have adopted health and hygiene global standardised protocols so you can experience ‘Safe Travels’ whilst on board with us in Fiji.

Your safety is our top priority – here is our commitment to you…

As a business, we pledge the following:

To have, in place, a COVID19 Action Plan that outlines our commitment to implementing
health and safety practices to minimise the risks associated with COVID19 for the wellbeing
of our staff and guests

To train our staff to understand the risks associated with COVID19 and how to implement the
new procedures outlined in our COVID19 Action Plan

The COVID19 Action Plan outlines how we implement our new safety processes and procedures aligning with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Transport and Tourism guidelines as a minimum standard. This includes the following principles:

Use of face covering where appropriate or necessary

Screening and management of persons with symptoms

Ensure personal hygiene at all times

Enhance surface sanitisation

Maintain contact tracing information and mandatory guest use of the careFIJI app

For our staff, guests and visitors we will ensure that:

Their health and wellbeing remain our top priority

Staff are provided with the appropriate training to understand the new standards
being put in place

Staff are provided with the equipment and information that they need to carry out their
duties safely

Guests are provided with the information and appropriate equipment to ensure that they are
able to adhere to safety protocols

We observe confidentiality when dealing with staff and guest information for
contact tracing purposes

We comply with all recommended health and safety guidance for the management of
COVID19 risks

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