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Embark on an unparalleled underwater adventure with Fiji’s only private liveaboard sailing charter company on our scuba diving and freediving courses, offered exclusively on our catamaran. Immerse yourself in the underwater world as you learn from our highly experienced and qualified dive team, led by an instructor with over 10,000 dives in Fiji.

So, whether you are already qualified or are looking to advance your diving knowledge, talk to us and let us tailor your Fiji diving liveaboard beneath the waves.
Discover the World Below with Our Diving and Freediving Courses
Intro Dive (No Previous Experience Necessary):

Fulfil your dream of being suspended in crystal-clear tropical waters surrounded by marine wonders. Our experienced dive team ensures you focus solely on the underwater paradise.

SSI Open Water Dive Course (No Previous Experience Necessary):

A custom-designed course over a minimum of three days. Become open water certified, ready to explore dive sites worldwide.

SSI Advanced Open Water Dive Course (Minimum Open Water Certification):

Five dives over a minimum of three days, taking you to extraordinary dive sites, from beautiful reefs to caves and coral walls.

SSI Level 1 Freediving Course (No Previous Experience Necessary):

Learn techniques and skills to reach depths of up to 20m on a single breath, a unique offering in Fiji.

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Please note: All scuba diving and freediving courses are exclusively available as part of our private, tailor-made charters.


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